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Contact us for best price. We provide OEM product from different sources including Japan, Korea, China. and Germany.

Compatible Model / Model yang Sesuai

EX30-2 / EX35-2 / EX40-1 / EX40-2 / EX60-1 / EX60-5 / EX120-1 / EX120-2 / EX120-3 / EX120-5 / UH083 / EX200-1 / EX200-2 / EX200-5 / EX220-1 / EX220-2 / EX300-1 / EX300-2 / ZX20U / ZX35U / ZX60-1 / ZX70 / ZX75US / ZX120-1 / ZX120-3 / ZX130 / ZX135US / ZX200-1 / ZX200-3 / ZX200-5G / ZX225USR / ZX230 / ZX240-3 / ZX350-3 / ZX350-5G

PC40-7 / PC60-5 / PC100-5 / PC200-5 / PC220-5 / PC200-6 / PC220-6 / PC200-7 / PC200-8 / PC300-5 / PC300-6 / PC300-7 / PC300-8 / PC400-5 / PC400-6 / PC400-7 / PC400-8

LS2600FJ2 / LS2650FJ2 / LS2800EJ / LS2800FJ1 / LS2800FJ2 / SH120-1 / SH120-2 / SH120-3 / SH200-1 / SH200-3 / SH200-5 / SH300-1 / SH330-3 / SH330-5
SK120 / SK04N2 / SK045N2 / SK07-2 / SK07N2 / SK200 / SK200-3 / SK200-5 / SK200-6 / SK200-8 / SK200-10 / SK260-8 / SK300 / SK300-3 / SK330-8 / SK350-8
EC140B / EC140D / EC210B / EC210D / EC290B / EC300D / EC330B / EC360B

Not sure if a part fits your machine?

WhatsApp us to connect with our consultant. Just tell us your machine’s brand and model (e.g., Komatsu EX200), and we’ll find the right parts for you.

Is it genuine or OEM?

We offer both genuine and OEM parts. Choose the option that best suits your needs. We have ready stock from multiple sources, ensuring the best balance of cost and reliability.

How to order?

WhatsApp us at (+60) 11-1162 3216. Tell us what you want to order, and we’ll arrange the quickest delivery possible. You can either pick up at our store or have it delivered to your site. We accept online banking, e-wallet (TnG), card, or cash payment.

Where do we deliver?

We can deliver to any part of world. For quick delivery, we have delivery partners across Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia etc.

Return Policy

If you need to return a part, contact our customer service with your order details and reason for the return. Returns are reviewed case by case, and the part must be undamaged.

If the part does not fit your machine, contact us immediately without causing any damage to the part. We will get a replacement part for you as soon as possible.

If the part arrives damaged due to shipping, contact us immediately. Our customer service team is here to help with any questions.

Thank you for choosing Heavy Parts Hub!

Tak pasti jika alat ganti sesuai dengan mesin anda?

WhatsApp kami untuk berhubung dengan perunding kami. Beritahu kami jenama dan model mesin anda (contoh: Komatsu EX200), dan kami akan cari alat ganti yang sesuai untuk anda.

Adakah ia tulen atau OEM?

Kami menawarkan kedua-dua alat ganti tulen dan OEM. Pilih pilihan yang paling sesuai dengan keperluan anda. Kami mempunyai stok sedia ada dari pelbagai sumber, memastikan keseimbangan terbaik antara kos dan kebolehpercayaan.

Cara Memesan?

WhatsApp kami di (+60) 11-1162 3216. Beritahu kami apa yang anda mahu pesan, dan kami akan mengatur penghantaran secepat mungkin. Anda boleh ambil di kedai kami atau hantar ke tapak anda. Kami menerima pembayaran melalui perbankan dalam talian, e-dompet (TnG), kad, atau tunai.

Polisi Pemulangan

Jika anda perlu memulangkan alat ganti, hubungi perkhidmatan pelanggan kami dengan butiran pesanan anda dan sebab pemulangan. Pemulangan akan disemak satu per satu, dan alat ganti mesti tidak rosak.

Jika alat ganti tidak sesuai dengan mesin anda, hubungi kami segera tanpa merosakkan alat ganti tersebut. Kami akan dapatkan alat ganti pengganti untuk anda secepat mungkin.

Jika alat ganti tiba dalam keadaan rosak akibat penghantaran, hubungi kami segera. Pasukan perkhidmatan pelanggan kami sedia membantu dengan sebarang pertanyaan.

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