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Other Name of excavator?

Type of Machinery

Ever wondered if there’s another name for that powerful digging machine we know and love as an “excavator”? Let’s dive into the world of construction lingo and explore the alternative titles for this heavy-duty hero.

1. Backhoe

While technically a different type of digging machine, the term “backhoe” is often used interchangeably with “excavator.” Backhoes have a digging bucket like excavators, but they’re mounted on the back of the machine.

2. Digger

Ah, the classic “digger”! This friendly, everyday term is like the nickname for our excavation pal. It’s what your neighbor might call it while watching construction across the street.

3. Shovel

In some regions or informal conversations, people might refer to an excavator simply as a “shovel.” It captures the essence of what the machine does – it’s a big, powerful digging shovel on steroids.

4. Trackhoe

Similar to “backhoe,” “trackhoe” emphasizes the fact that these machines often have tracks instead of wheels. It’s a common title used, especially in North America.

5. Ditch Witch

Although originally a brand name, “Ditch Witch” has become synonymous with compact trenching machines. People might use it casually to refer to any small digging equipment.

6. Hydraulic Hoe

Sometimes, you might hear an excavator being called a “hydraulic hoe” due to its reliance on hydraulic systems for movement and operation.

7. Crawler

The term “crawler” is derived from the fact that many excavators move on crawler tracks. It’s a technical name you might hear in the construction industry.

8. JCB

Similar to “Ditch Witch,” “JCB” is a brand name that has become synonymous with excavators in some regions. People might say, “They’re bringing in the JCB” when referring to an excavator.

In Conclusion

Whether you call it an excavator, backhoe, digger, or by any other name, these machines remain the backbone of construction and excavation projects. So, the next time you spot one on a worksite, feel free to use these alternative titles and impress your construction-savvy friends

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